Brand Rep & Enthusiast Search starts now👏👏

Cotton Truffles Boutique reps & enthusiast expected to:

💜 Display genuine enthusiasm and love for the products
💜 Brand shown in comments on Instagram with hashtags & FaceBook with tags
💜 Actively search CTB and associated hashtags. Comments on other people’s photos of their little ones in CTB.
💜 Scrolls through our comments feed and answers any questions about the brand we may have missed (we only get notification of the last 20 comments and likes on our feed, so we often miss comments and tags)
💜 Checks on our comments regularly to make sure nothing/no one is over looked, and everyone has been responded too
💜 Gives helpful advice on fittings and styles of the new styles
💜 Promotes the brand on your own social media through photos (IG, FB)
💜 Represents the brand in public
💜 Produce good quality pics of your daughter in CTB products
💜 Post in other BST groups, boards, boutiques, to promote CTB and bring new CTB mamas aboard

***CTB has the right to use the photographs without permission each time on their social media accounts also.***
***I do not and will not tolerate any drama of any kind. CTB has the right to terminate Brand Rep Contract at anytime due to 'dramatic issues' CTB mamas are much to classy for that anyway! ***

Incentives and Rewards
Reps and Enthusiasts:
👏 early access to releases
👏 discounts
👏 recognition often and love EVERYDAY!!!!

I am friends with many of you or you are friends with my friends. I have also built relationships with lots of mamas over the past few months. Please know this is such a hard choice because I have to do what's best for my company and to help CTB grow. It is one of the hardest decisions boutique owners make, so please don't get discouraged if you aren't chosen. I still love and appreciate all of you and everything you do to make this company grow!

If you are interested please email me at with 'Brand Rep Search - Your Child's Name' in the subject line by July 22nd at 1:00pm cst. ONLY EMAIL ENTRIES WILL BE CONSIDERED.

Please include:
👉Your Facebook Name
👉a little about yourself and what you do for a living and for fun
👉the city and state you live in
👉your child's name and age
👉your child's size of clothing (pick 3m 6m 12m 18m 2t 4t 6 or 8, please)
👉why you want to be a brand rep/enthusiast
👉if you have ever Brand Rep'd for any boutique or brand before or are currently a brand rep for now (please list these brands in your application)
👉 how many FB friends you have and how many IG followers you have
👉Finally, attach 5 pictures that you have taken of your child that are a good representation of what pictures would look like when you post to represent Cotton Truffles Boutique. *At least one photo must be in a Cotton Truffles Boutique item*

In conclusion, Cotton Truffles Boutique chooses Brand Reps every 3 months. So if you are selected, you are committing to that amount of time. If at any time, we feel you are not holding up your commitment, we will terminate the contract and discontinue all discounts and free items. If you excel, you can certainly reapply for an additional 3 month term. Reps and Enthusiasts will be chosen and contacted and your duties will begin January 22nd and end April 30th.

Our criteria and considerations include:
👀social media presence on FB & IG
👀quality and appeal of photographs
👀positive posting
👀enthusiasm for brand
👀involvement in FB groups
👀item pairings (tops, bottoms, bows, shoes, accessories)
👀 Your previous performance as a rep this past term
***Note: We cannot choose on cuteness alone. If your child is not chosen, it is not because they are not cute! I love all my CTBelles! I must choose based on the other criteria!

***Amendment: Enthusiasts may serve two consecutive terms, but then must sit out one full term following the two terms served before reapplying. This allows fresh faces and experiences for future Reps and Enthusiasts

Must be following us on Facebook and Instagram:


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